PTO Funding

The Spring Ave PTO consists of over 50 committees who host events and provide ways to enrich your child's lives both inside and outside of school! In 2017-2018 alone, look at all we were able to accomplish with the help of our amazing volunteers and supportive parents:

  • Raised nearly $30,000 at this year's adult social and auction and another $10,000 through retail fundraisers, Fun Fair, After 3 Classes and D105 Dash

  • Donated over $25,000 directly back to our teachers and school: $7,500 teacher classroom gift at the beginning of the school year; $7,000 full school gift - sensory equipment and new playground tree; $11,000 in classroom and gym grants -- funding many items from basketball backboards to science and math equipment

  • Provided graduating LT senior and former Spring student with a $2,000 college scholarship

  • Funded the $5,000 summer reading program so every Spring Ave student has a new book this summer

  • Sponsored more than two dozen events and programming for our families, including Author's visits, Math & Science Night, Variety Show, Field Days and Back to School Party


2019-2020 Spring Ave PTO Budget

The PTO Executive Board has worked extensively on making this year's budget as functional as possible. We base our numbers on previous year's profits and expenses.

Committee Chairs, please reach out to your PTO Board member who oversees your committee if you have not yet received your budget for the year.

Need additional funds beyond your original budget? Scroll down to see how to request additional funds.



Reimbursement Procedures

Did you purchase an item for an event?

Please email: your request. Copy in your Committee chair and the over-seeing PTO Board Member on these reimbursement emails.

In the email subject please put the name of event you are requesting reimbursement. Ex: "Fun Fair"

Include in the email:
1) explain the purchase(s)
2) list receipts - vendor and amount Ex: "Amazon- $, Target- $"
3) put total reimbursement requested
4) put your address (for reimbursement check drop off)
5) take pictures of receipts and attach. You can also forward electronic receipts if you purchased your items online

We will cut checks every 2-3 weeks.
Please advise if you need sooner.
We will drop check into your mailbox.

pay me back.jpg

Wondering who your VPs and committee chairs are to include on the emails? Click below:

funds submital.jpeg

Fund Submittal Procedures

Have a bunch of cash or checks from a party or event that you held and don't know what to do with them?

Please email: your . Copy in your Committee chair and the over-seeing PTO Board Member on these reimbursement emails.

In the email subject please put FUNDS SUBMITTAL:

1) Explain where the funds came from. (event/reason)
2) List the cash/checks.
3) List the total of cash and checks being submitted.
4) Send the email 1-2 days prior to funds being delivered.
5) Drop the the funds to Ramya’s mailbox:  641 S. Spring Ave.

  • For extra funds from holidays parties, please give excess money back to your room parent. Room parents please roll over and make this money available for subsequent holiday parties. If there is extra money after the Valentine’s Day party, please follow the above procedure to resubmit to the PTO.


Additional Funds Requests

Occasionally, you may find that you need more money than you were originally budgeted for. Please fill out this form to request additional money for your committee:

Additional Funds Request