Room Parents for 2019/2020

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Room Parent Responsibilities:

Organizing volunteers for holiday parties.

The holiday party dates are as follows,:

  • Halloween party is October 31st  (K-6 grade)

  • Winter party is December 21nd (K-6 grade)

  • Valentine’s Party is February 14th   (K-3 grade)

Please send an email out looking for additional volunteers just in case people missed the sign-up. Once you have a list of volunteers, randomly select 3 parents per party. It is easiest to select for all parties now and send out emails now, so everyone gets it on their calendars. You can put all of the parties on the same email, so that people can switch with each other if they cannot make a specific date.

  • Grade K-3 (Halloween, Winter Holiday and Valentines)

  • Grade 4-6 (Halloween and Winter Holiday Party only)

Please note, It is school policy that younger siblings do not attend parties with volunteers nor do extra adults. The reason for the limit of 3 volunteers per party is to help maintain safety at school. Volunteers must sign in with Mrs Jones in the office for all parties.

The room parent is guaranteed the opportunity to volunteer at one party.  Please select which party you would like to volunteer for and then only select two additional volunteers for that party. You may choose to select a “back-up” volunteer for the parties in case a parent has a conflict, but please make sure to get any changes in volunteers that day to me or Mrs. Jones.

  • Each parent may only volunteer at one party per year, per class so that more people have a chance.   

What volunteers need to plan: Let party volunteers know they will need to come up with games and/or a craft for the party.  Parties are a lot shorter than they seem, so make sure you have enough planned, but not too much. Include time for snack. Each class will be give $20 to cover the cost of supplies for crafts/games per party. Some Room Parents like to collaborate with the other class on projects/games, while some do their own thing. Either way is fine, as long as the kids have fun! Do a Pinterest search for games and crafts and you will be set! The PTO will provide a school approved snack for the party - no other food is allowed.  

Collecting for and purchasing teacher gifts.

  • Room parents typically start collecting a month or so before the holidays or end of year. Parents may choose to contribute $, gift cards or simply add a card with their own gift inside. Some parents choose not to partake in the class gift, make sure to let parents know it is not required to contribute. Scroll down to see class gift ideas!

  • Use the favorite things list above to you with gift ideas.

Assisting with Teacher Appreciation Week in May

  • Every year this is run differently. Some years, room parents will be responsible for communicating with grade level parents and asking for their participation. You will help organize donations of food or whatever theme your grade. More information on this will come in the Spring.

Attending PTO meetings

  • As a Room Parent, you are the liaison between the PTO and your class.  We’d ask that you make every effort to attend the PTO meetings (6 a year) and report back to your class on the happenings of the organization. If you cannot make a meeting, that’s ok! We will get you the notes from the meeting to pass along to your class parents.


  • Please send an email or post on your class’s Facebook page when we have events throughout the year, Fun Fair, Silent Auction, Variety Show, etc.

Thank you again for volunteering for this position this year!


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