PTO Meeting Agenda

February 27th, 2017 8:40am

1. Mr. Lawson/Ms. Calder:

Mr. Lawson announced an ACES Committee.  Ms. Kubilius held the first club meeting in mid-February--look for the bulletin board.

Martin Luther King Cultural Assembly will be on March 6th.

The Leader Shop will be at Spring to discuss ways children can get involved with community service in their neighborhood. Leader Shop teens hope to spend 30 minutes in each classroom. 

Sock hop is this Friday, March 1st from 7-9 P.M. 

Disabilities Awareness Presentation will be on March 20th.

Leadership Club organized and restocked the District’s CARE Closet.

 2. Kate Gilmartin-President

●       D105 Candidate Forum- March 12th 7pm @ Gurrie (4 candidates running for 3 spots)

●       D105 dash update--there will be no dash this year.  The D105 Dash is being revamped and a new volunteer committee will be formed so planning can happen in advance.  SOme ideas mentioned were a Fall dash: Monster Dash.  More soon...

●       Look out for 2019/2020 board/committee recruiting updates in the next month. PTO will continue to look for volunteers and new committee heads (if necessary).  Focus will be on incoming and current KDG families.


3. Committee Updates:

A.     Heidi Brock, VP Ways and Means

●       Adult Social/Silent Auction- What a success! $25,000 raised to support PTO sponsored activities and events into the 2019-2020 school year! It’s believed  more accurate figure is $40,000.  A big thanks to Monica Villareal and Amy Bailey who focused on the sponsorship portion of the Social committee.

●       TRIVIA NIGHT -- Date- April 12th Tickets on sale SOON! Team/Table Themes: Bands

●       Fun Fair -- save the date, April 26th  Need space and/or volunteers to hold the baskets.


B.     Stacey Ponczek, First VP

●       Green Club- Ali Green- Green Team Green Club plans to meet two times per month with all interested 3rd and 4th graders.  First meeting is on Friday, March 8th.  Students will have to have a permission slip on file.

●       Dare Party- Molly Price is scheduling the 5th grade DARE party for mid-late April. Coordinating with Mrs. Jones and DARE officers to finalize date.  Time frame is mid to late April.

●       Spring Ave PTO Scholarship- Michelle Sanchez asks us to encourage anyone who knows a Spring Ave alum who is currently a senior to apply for the scholarship this month.  It is in the LT system, just search Spring Avenue PTO.  PLease encourage ALL Seniors who attended Spring to apply for the scholarship.  The winners receive $2000 per year.


C.     Jami Buttron, VP Programs

●       Cultural Arts Assembly March 6th- MLK

●       5th & 6th Grade Sock Hop- March 1st 7-9pm - Volunteers Needed

●       Fun Lunch -- Wendy’s on Friday, March 15th

Volunteers will be needed for the After 3 Program for next year


4. Treasurer’s Report-Ramya Tallarovic

Biggest fundraisers are the parent parties.  A reminder that these funds help us operate for the start of next year. The group talked about how we can come up with more ways to give back.

5. Secretary Report-Virginia Kogen: lots of thank you notes from teachers who made classroom purchases for their students (lots of new books).

Upcoming Events:                                      

●       Cultural Arts Assembly-  3/6

●       Fun Lunch Friday, 3/15

●       Trivia Night, 4/12

●       Fun Fair, 4/26


Math and Science Night Discussion led to Science Fair Discussion:

Looking to improve the science fair with the help of the PTO.  Discussion included the possibilities of a new/improved location (gym or cafeteria), improved and grade-appropriate rubrics, and the distribution of participation awards.

Science Fair Committee will be school run, PTO supported through volunteering.


 Thank you Volunteers:

●       Valentine’s Day Party Room Parents and Volunteers (and Stacey for keeping it all organized)

●       Holiday Treat Committee - Yummy Ring Pops

●       After 3 Committee- Michelle Michelini and Becki Sand

●       Retail Partnership Committee - Cecily Kittridge and Brooke Matteucci

●       Math & Science Night - Jen McNeer, Liz Hamilton, and all the volunteers!

●       Cultural Arts Assembly -- Patty Sarkady

●       Soup Dinner for Teachers - Jesse Mraz

●       Sock Hop - Elyse Hoffenberg